• The 2 phase breastpump for the challenging operation in hospitals and renting.
  • The advantages of the mamivac Sensitive breastpump are combined with a concept especially designed for use in hospitals to live up to the higher demands.
  • To simulate the breastfeeding process as real as possible, we developed the mamivac 2 phase technology. The stimulation phase imitates the fast and weak sucking of the baby at the beginning to stimulate the breast and flow of milk. The gentle and effective pumping phase simulates the now slower and more intense sucking of the baby.
  • The hygienic protective diaphragm directly in the suction kit closes off the breastpump against milk and air to ensure an utmost hygienic breastfeeding environment. The pump is absolutely maintenance-free.

Technical data

  • Hospital and rental pump.
  • Soft, strong, hygienic, silent.
  • New technology, new design.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Excellent price/performance ratio.
  • Durable motor with low vibrations.
  • Continuously adjustable vacuum and interval setting. 5-33 kPa vacuum and 20-100 cycles.
  • Hygienic protective diaphragm for safety. A special protective diaphragm at the suction kit closes off the breastpump against milk and air. Optimum safety against sucking milk into the device.
  • Patented protective diaphragm.
  • Hose and pump do not require cleaning.
  • The functioning corresponds to that of a piston breastmilk pump.
  • With the mamivac 2 phase technology:
    - The stimulation phase stimulates the flow of milk.
    - The pumping phase ensures an efficient, yet gentle expressing.
  • Suitable for double pumping.
  • Small and compact.
  • Includes a Sensitive suction kit and PP wide neck bottle.
  • Optional sturdy mamivac Sensitive carrying case available.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • CE 0124
  • PZN 4253206 / Ref.no. 284000


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